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Corey is 4 now and he needs to eat a hamburger; I’m going to start calling him slim. 
He’s a strange kid, I tell ya. He loves all of the things children should hate. Like what? All kinds of veggies, dark chocolate…there’s more but I can’t remember. 
Anyway, we were at the beach for Memorial Day and my sister and I got him those sand castle buckets; he’s using them to scoop up (and poor out) muddy water. I figured I might show him the versatility of the buckets (lol). I tell him: “Hey take this sand and scoop it into the bucket; fill it to the top”
He’s so obedient (sometimes); he scoops and packs in the sand as I supervise. It took a little bit of time; I was getting bored but he finally finished. I slowly flip over the mold and pull it from the ground…
*gasp* “A SAAAAND CASTLE!!!” 
He’s jumping up and down; I am pleased with my auntie (ing) skills as I watch him eagerly create several makeshift sand sculptures by the water. 
I hope he has several more of these experiences. 
It’s been about 6 months! WOOOOO! (that’s not nearly as infuriating as the 10 month hiatus Mad Men is going on). Gosh…I’ve been getting pretty roughed up. A lot has changed and I hadn’t been quite sure about sharing on here ever again. It’s been on my imaginary to-do list. I mostly didn’t feel like I had much to show. But I have a lot to show, just a nasty habit of never sharing. 
When I say a lot has changed, that’s sort of an understatement. It would seem that things are getting stranger and more unpredictable with each sunrise. Half of the time I am not up to the challenge but the show must go on. Everybody is working and growing and becoming awesome(r)(er) versions of themselves; that’s inspiring, really. 
I felt like I needed this, to resurrect this form of art therapy.  
Disheveled, November 04, 2013
Love this kid…so so much.
One Time.
The Square Peg in a Round Hole.